Pixi releasing Facebook-less

Pixi releasing Facebook-less

Back when the Palm Pixi was announced we got a glimpse of a Native Facebook application that would be coming with later versions of webOS. There has been much speculation that the Pixi would launch with the Facebook application preloaded on the device but we are now having our doubts.

Over the past few days we have seen many of leaked videos of the Palm Pixi from several various sources, none of which had the Facebook application included. We have reviewed several of them watching anxiously for the confirmation of Facebook shipping with the Pixi but to our amazement it is not there in webOS version 1.3.1.

Now there are a number of reasons that we do not see the app here. Palm may have delayed it for whatever reason. There is the possibility that this is not a preloaded app and that we will be able to get it from the App Catalog at a later date.  Whatever the reason we are all pretty upset cause we were really pulling for Facebook on our handsets sooner rather than later.

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