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Bottom Line

WinCity’s site is very similar to most of the Softec sites out there. They have done an excellent thing in setting their Jacks or Better machine to a 9/6 4K payout, most Softec sites do not have this. Of their 20+ games, this is probably my favorite. They also offer table limits of $300 for most games while many Softec sites only go to $200. Nothing else particularly stands out. I give WinCity a rating of 4 chips, slightly higher than other Softec sites, because of their JB Video Poker machine.


WinCity Casino is another that uses the Softec casino software. The one difference is that their Jacks or Better Video Poker machine is set to a better payout than most. WinCity offers Sportsbook as well as Casino services. I only looked at their casino portion of their website for this review. They are based in Antigua. Currently they only offer their web site in English, but they do have other language translations coming soon. Their help section link lists customer service e-mail addresses, phone numbers, along with game listings and descriptions.

Money Matters

New members get a 10% bonus on their initial deposite. WinCity offers deposite options of Visa, Master Card, Discover Card, American Express, check, money wire, ecash, and bank/debit card.


WinCity uses the popular Softec software package from Starnet Communications International, Inc. You have the option to register and receive a free CD in the mail, or you can download the WinCity Casino “Lite” version of the software package. This is a file size of around 5M, and you get a handful of the available games. In order to get the complete Togel Hari Ini package of 20+ games, you simply click on the “download games” button in the program, and pick which game you wish to add. This is a somewhat tedious process as each time you add a game you are exited from the server and must relogin in with your name and password to pick the next game you wish to download. Once you do this for all the games you think you’ll wish to play, you’ll never have to go through the process again though until they add something you like to their list.

WinCity also offers 4 java games online. They are Blackjack, Jacks or Better Video Poker, Caribbean Stud Poker, and one slot machine. You can play these for fun or for real money. These same 4 games and rules are in the downloadable version of their software, so for the purposes of this review I spent most of my time playing off of that instead of the java version.

The software package they use which you can download is actually quite nice. Graphics on all the games are very pleasing. I played for fun only, not real money, but you are still connected to their server, and I found game speed to be very quick for all games. The Craps game appears to be currently down at all sites that use the Softec package. There are 22 different games if you download the entire package. Overlap occurs with 4 of these being Bingo variations, 4 are Video Poker variations, 2 are slot machines, and 2 are Pachinko variations. All in all, a nice variety of games to choose from. I’ll go into more detail on each on below.


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