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So this evening I’ve settled in to watch one of two SEC teams play in the final four. It’s my lunch break after the 6. The wife says, “Your mom called, she’s really worried about the rift among poker bloggers. She says you seemed like you were in a bad mood last time she called and she wonders if that’s the reason. Is everything OK?”

Now, I hate drama. I liked “Million Dollar Baby” because it had girls punching one another which is GREAT TV, but I could do without all the weepy crap. That said, I’m amazed by this April Fools.

You see, Blood and I had a beer at Beef O’Bradys. That’s the name of a bar. It’s not a gay bar as far as we know, but the name makes you wonder. Anyway, we hatched that silly scam to fool our internet brothers. I was worried when I set the story at situs online Mark’s game because I know many of those players read our blogs and I figgered they’d ruin the joke.

To my surprise, none of the internet brothers (and sisters) were fooled. THE PEOPLE AT THE GAME, HOWEVER, BOUGHT THE WHOLE THING. This makes me wonder if I’ve wasted a lot of time trying to disguise my tells against them, when they were all able to easily believe that they misssed a fist fight between me and Otis.

But, I digress, I can’t believe concern over “a rift among poker bloggers” has cropped up in my MOTHER’S calls.



Last night the wife was very tired and went to bed early. I had thus lost the biggest game of the weekend and tried my luck online. I won a few buyins at the $50NL ring. It was OK but I was just as focused on getting something up on the other site.


Speaking of the other site, my mother, (I think it’s both sick AND twisted that I’ve now mentioned her 3 times in a poker post) asked for it’s URL the other day. I lied. If she’s worried about the rift here, I shudder at what she’ll find there. Here’s a quick reason why:

MOM: “Hey, we’re driving home from Lexington, how are (Wife) and the girls?

ME: Good. The girls are good and as far as I can tell (wife) is fine.

MOM: “She’s sick all the time???! WHY?!”

ME: Huh?

MOM: “Oh! I see. She’s pregnant isn’t she?”

ME: What the hell are you talking about?

She’s reading this now, by the way, but I felt I owed a warning to our readers. Somewhere out there is a woman just like me except… half as tall, twice as old, and 50 times stranger.


See, I’ve been busy with crap like that lately. Despite the lunacy of my mom’s inquisition, I’ve been very concerned about my wife’s health. It’s a long story, but I hope to know more in a few days. Plus, the oldest daughter, the one who broke her wrist in gymnastics class a few months ago… destroyed her chin for seven stitches last week. Very bloody and gross… and much worse for the message the school nurse left on my voice mail at work.

“G! This is XXXX the nurse at XXXX’s School. There’s blood everywhere and XXXX is really hurt. You need to get her to the hospital!!”

I, of course, totally freaked out. I mean, hasn’t a nurse seen blood before… EEEESH!


So… about poker. See for me poker play is a function of what I bring to the table. The mental preparation is a huge aspect of my game. I’ve had both good and bad nights at the medium game lately and I’ve noticed the way I feel when I sit down translates perfetly in my play itself.

I can’t be absorbed with illness, injury and mom if I want to play good poker. For that reason, I haven’t played much lately. I mean, I never miss the medium game itself. But I never play online.

Last night, as I played on Stars, I realized I hadn’t played online in close to 2 weeks. I’d probably only played 3 or 4 times in the 2 weeks before that.

I need to get my shiznit tight before I gamble the roll. I think I’ve learned that by now.

As for the live game, I realized that my level pf patience IN the game is related to my excitement ABOUT the game, Oddly enough, the more I look foreward to a game, the worse I play.

That’s where my fight with Otis comes in. We made up the thing before, but if I can dread the possiblity of having to punch him each week, perhaps it will keep my game moving in the right direction.

In fact, I intended to write this whole post about the MOTIVATION behind my play itself. But I see that rat bastard just did the same thing and now I have to wait a week or two before touching the topic. I’m not the third blogger here… I’m the third freaking RAIL.

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