Sprint pushes free conditional call forwarding

Sprint pushes free conditional call forwarding

For those of you who are lucky and received a Google Voice invite Sprint has finally finished rolling out their free conditional call forwarding so that you may now start using the amazing Google Voicemail service. This service allows users to keep their Sprint number as their primary number so there is no need to worry about switching.

If you have not yet already checked out how Google Voice handles voicemail we suggest you do because the service surely beats any other type of visual voicemail out there today. There are a few programs out there right now with undoubtedly more on the way. These programs include gDial Pro and dkGoogleVoice.

Note that the *72 method of call forwarding still costs you the $.20 per minute. If you have not yet gotten a Google Voice incite go over right now and sign up, you simply cannot miss this service.

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