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Pyramid Dadu Online Casino and Sportsbook – Review

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Pyramid Casino and Sportsbook is one of the newer gambling sites on the Net, and the first Starnet-based site reviewed on Got2Bet.

In recent months, Pyramid has undertaken an aggressive marketing and advertising campaign to gain awareness – and so I decided it was time to have a look for myself.

Pyramid is currently using the older version of Starnet software, though I understand it will be one of the first to implement the new Beyond2000 software platform which I have raved about in a recent article. When this implementation take place, I will update this article to reflect the new additions to the stable.

Pyramid is currently running a special promotion whereby new members are entitled to a 20% bonus, or if they should deposit $1,000 or more, they will automatically win one of three prizes – $1,000 in v-chips (credit), a home entertainment system or a free trip to Atlantic City. Needless to say this is clearly one of the better promotions available on the Net. As they frequently update their promotions, it is best to check on their website for latest news.

But, being the cautious gambler that I am, I decided to make a small deposit and opt for the 20% bonus, still a good deal.

As is my usual wont, I went to play blackjack. While the blackjack rules are not as favorable as some of the other software platforms, I have always had pretty good luck at Starnet casinos and this was no exception – I ended my blackjack play with a small profit.

I also played a bit of video poker, but not much as the rules here are fairly average – still, broke even here.

Pyramid does carry the full selection of Starnet Dadu Online games including slot machines, Pachinko, Battle Royale (War), Sic Bo, Red Dog and all the other games one is used to seeing. I tried a few more of these and they all played up to par.

Having waited 24 hours for the bonus to be credited, I cashed out of Pyramid even, feeling quite satisfied that the games were fair and entertaining.

Support is of a relatively good standard, though you should be prepared to wait up to 24 hours for a reply as it is evident that they are reaping the rewards of their aggressive marketing campaign and are having to serve a large number of gamblers.

Cashouts, as usual, need to be processed through Starnet’s EFS subsidiary – the credit-card reversal took a week which is quite reasonable. In the past, I have received checks from other Starnet casinos using EFS in 7-10 days so I am confident that, should you win and collect winnings, you will be paid in a fairly short period of time by check.

I am eagerly looking forward to the Beyond2000 software downloadable version – the new Java version is already up for beta testing – but in the meantime, rest assured that playing at Pyramid Casino and Sportsbook will be fair, fun and fast.










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