Progressive CyberStud Poker Judi Slot Debuts With Huge $357,089.04 Jackpot Win

Progressive CyberStud Poker Judi Slot Debuts With Huge $357,089.04 Jackpot Win

Curacao, April 25, 2002 – Jackpot Madness, the world’s #1 cash jackpot destination, has paid out the first jackpot on its all-new Progressive CyberStud Poker: an incredible $357,089.04 in CASH.

Last month’s extraordinarily successful launch of 3 unique new progressive games throughout the 60 casino Jackpot Madness network has elevated the current payout total to a record breaking $62,000,000. The recent unveiling of Major Millions, the web’s first true Million Dollar Cash Progressive, promises to keep Jackpot Madness breaking all online gaming records.

The first Progressive CyberStud winner is Lasse S, a European car dealership supervisor who won his jackpot on April 15th on Jackpot City. Since launching a month ago, players all over the world, from over 60 online casinos, have been busy dealing their cards on the unique and exciting new CyberStud Progressive. Hoping to follow in Lasse’s footsteps, thousands of players continued to go back and try again, escalating the jackpot to $55,500 within only one week of Lasse’s big win.

As to his winnings, Lasse says, “This amazingly big Judi Slot jackpot will definitely change much in my life! With all this money you might say that I can do almost whatever I want… the first thing I am going to do is to buy myself the car of my dreams.” Exclaimed Lasse shortly following his win, “Second, I am going to travel to the USA for a trip in a fighter jet… and then I will of course pay all my debts, although that isn’t much. I will also invest some money and of course build or buy myself a house… And I will use some of my money for more gambling.”

“Progressive Cyberstud Poker has already proven to be a big hit with serious online poker players looking for unmatched payouts. We’re very excited at paying out a whopping $357,089.04 in cash to Lasse. With 10 exclusive progressives, and more being rolled out all the time, people are flocking to the Jackpot Madness casinos as word gets out that you can win huge jackpots and have a great time doing it; all in the comfort of your own home”, commented Marilyn Glazier, press agent for Jackpot Madness.

About Jackpot Madness:

Jackpot Madness, run by Jumbo Jackpots of Curacao, is the world’s largest online progressive network. All the jackpots won on the casinos providing these games are offered through full, direct cash payouts – the only games on the Internet offering this benefit. The goal of the portal is to provide jackpot enthusiasts with a single destination offering a wide choice of progressives, featuring frequent payouts and record-breaking jackpots. The jackpot totals are “live” and Jackpot Madness provides constantly updated information together with links to over 70 casinos. Total payouts are over $90,000,000 and counting.



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