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PPT – Day two

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Bellagio WPT – day threeStarting the day with second lowest stack from the remaining 45 – I am obviously hoping for a lot of luck. However, at the PPT at Commerce, Erick Lindgren was low chips and he went on to win it!

Starting with 600-1200 and 200 ante – my stack of 10,400 was only going to give me just a couple of rounds in which to find a hand. The first round came and went without joy. So imagine how pleased I was to see Q-Q by the tenth hand. Whatever happens – at least I have a hand to play. With 8,600, I decided to just make a small raise and hope for some winning action. Boy did I get action!

Gary Bush, a close friend of mine and sitting to my immediate left, makes a small re-raise with J-J. Gary at this stage is holding around 25,000. All now muck to Adam Schoenfeld who is on the BB. I actually went to dinner with Adam the previous night. Amongst other things, we chatted about nicknames. As Adam did not have one – I suggested to him that he would now be called the “Analyst”.

Anyhow, Adam has now gone into the think tank. Hmm, Bocoran Slot Gacor  lets see how you analyze this! O.K, here is a little help Adam. You have two of the tightest players in the game making a raise and a re-raise from early position. You obviously have a hand here. But is it good enough? Is it A-K and you are wondering if it’s worth a gamble against two players? Because it is plainly obvious that at least one of them has a big pair? I suppose with A-K it’s worth a gamble. But your taking too much time Adam – your hand just cannot be good enough here.

Finally, Adam “The Analyst” Scofenfeld has makes a decision to re-raise. Gary here cannot muck for what he has left. He even knows that he has a better hand than Adam. He calls and we have a three way action pot. Q-Q v J-J v 8-8. I could not ask for more here. I just needed to get lucky. Flop T-7-6. Hmm, Adam has picked up a gut-shot. Turn was a big harmless Ace. Just the river. Noooooooooo – not the Nine. Nice hand Adam.

Adam was later busted by Doyle Brunson who called with T-9 against Adam’s Q-Q and made a straight on the river! See James? YOU ARE NOT ALONE – WE ALL SUFFER!

After another long, hard struggle we have our finalists. It should make interesting viewing.


Dan Heimiller 85,000



Lee Markholt 889,000



Barry Shulman 400,000



Chris Bjorin 214,000



Erick Lindgren 381,000



Doyle Brunson 324,000

Until next time – play well, get lucky and stop getting rivered!



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