Palm Pixi makes first ad appearance

Palm Pixi makes first ad appearance

It’s really hard to get the creepy images of the Palm Pre ads out of your head but thankfully the ad campaign of the new Palm Pixi has taken a drastic turn for the better. After watching this first ad the only thing that was going through my mind was the word “fun.”

Basically the ad takes you through a fast motion style day in the life of the Pixi in the hands of multiple people. As I watched the ad I only became more interested in this device. Imagine how disappointed people will be when they figure out that many aspects of the Pixi are a downgrade from the previously released Pre.

If I didn’t have to have the best features such as the best camera and Wi-Fi I would check out the Pixi in a heartbeat, at least we know it won’t suffer from the oreo affect. If you have not already check out the ad and go in on Sunday and check out the Pixi, this handset is worth at least a look.

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