Keno – It’s Types, Variations and Winning Tips for Situs Judi Slot

Keno – It’s Types, Variations and Winning Tips for Situs Judi Slot

Keno Basics

This game was originated in China 2000 years ago and same was brought into USA by Chinese immigrants who came to work in USA for railroads and mines. It’s basically lottery and similar to lotto. It is very exciting game and keep the players remain interested to play it for a long time for the reason that it is very simple to play and has luck factor like horse race, poker. This game has a lot of money at its stake so it’s really important for the players to know the basic rules of this game.

How to play

In this game, there will be “keno runners” who will collect the tickets from the players who are interested to play and shall inform about their winning too. The players are required to choose minimum 4 numbers but maximum 10 numbers out of 1 to 80 and the same will be given to the “Keno Runners”. The Keno draw will start at the scheduled time once all the tickets are collected and marked. The draw will be done by using a big glass container which is called “bubble”. The numbers drawn shall be posted on every computer screen. Once the draw is finished the players will check their ticket to find if the numbers matched to the drawn numbers and this will decide whether you win or lose. Choosing the 0 spot always helps as it increases the chances to win the game.

Types of Keno

There are different versions of the game if keno which have developed in different parts of the world. Broadly there are two kinds of keno games; internet keno and video keno.

Internet Keno

Internet keno is the choicest game on internet among the players which is very easy to play and at the same time to win.

Video Keno

The game of video keno is also very popular among the masses as it is very easy to get the result in a very less time. It is being played live and for that reason it gives the result instantly.

Strategies to play the Keno Basic

To become the master in the Situs Judi Slot game of keno, one player must consider the following points while playing this game.

Try and avoid duplicity of the numbers. If for example 12, 15, 16 are being called in the last keno then it is very much possible that these numbers will not be called out again so do not select any of these numbers.

Select a number which hasn’t been called out for long/several times.

If one doesn’t know what number to choose, then try to choose a number which has some significance for example like birthdays anniversaries dates. These numbers are bound to hit eventually if selected continuously.

Enjoyment should also be the motive to play this game; it becomes more interesting that way.

The very important fact about this game is this game does not involve any need of skills but a sheer luck. If the person is good with selection of correct numbers then the luck works in his favor.

Pick 10 or few numbers that increases the possibility of the winning the game. Although generally casinos know this trick and ask the players to pick minimum 10 numbers.

It is advisable to choose consecutive numbers. Mostly the players who play this game believe that choosing consecutive numbers increases the odds of winning the game of keno.

Always try keeping a track of winning numbers of past game and try to choose the numbers which have not popped up yet.

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