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How To Quickly And Painlessly Write Your First Ebook – Even If You Flunked English. Watch out for Translation Companies UK

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If you went to college, chances you had to take English composition class. You remember English 102 or something similar. . . This is the semester where you write a term paper. Remember that ordeal? I don’t know about you, but in my case the term paper needed to be 18 pages long, double spaced – with 24 footnotes and 16 sources – listed in the bibliography. I also needed to turn in 20 note cards, an outline (and I think a note from my grandmother.) Or some crap like that.

Unfortunately, my instructor never explained how to get the words onto the paper. I guess he thought all the busywork would somehow magically fit together into a term paper. The main problem with this “required” course is they don’t give you a system to get the words onto the paper. There is no instruction on writing.

The note cards, references, and everything else required to do the work are not a system. They are just activities that need to be linked together in order to get a term paper. The real trick is the writing.

Sadly, many writers get caught up in these painful details, and never complete their term papers (or in this case ebooks). There is a better way. The secret is focusing on the end result and moving step by step toward the goal. This makes it amazingly easy to complete a writing project.

Let’s go back to my term paper example. I did all the stuff the instructor asked for. I compiled note cards, wrote an involved paper with the right number of footnotes, listed multiple sources in my bibliography and more drudgery that I am probably forgetting about. I turned in the draft feeling like I had accomplished something. . . and it came back with red marks all over it.

That Truly Sucked!

I mean, I had worked hard to get the thing done, I busted my tail. . . but, I had no idea how to write. So I had my step mother, (who was an English teacher), go over the whole mess and help me fix it up. Guess what. . . I still failed.

It was a required class, so I repeated it. Four times I failed. I may have been dumb, but I ain’t stupid. I finally got through the fifth time because I took the same teacher two semesters in a row. I fixed everything the sadist had marked off the semester before and handed it in again. More about Translation Companies UK

I walked away from that miserable experience thinking, no. . . believing. . . my writing skills sucked. I avoided any jobs that involved writing. Maybe you have had a similar experience?

Well, Don’t Be Fooled Like I Was

You see, there was nothing wrong with my writing skills. The instructors forgot about the real goal, and got caught up in the meaningless tasks. If you want to write an ebook, you aren’t going to get it written by compiling a hundred note cards. You are not going to get it done by writing an outline. After my experience with the term papers, I was literally brainwashed, scarred, disillusioned, I was sure I could not write.

I Was Wrong

Today I understand what I couldn’t see as a college kid. I had been misled and I believed it. How do I know I was misled? How do I know I was wrong? Because I now write ebooks for a living. Yes indeedy. . . I bet my old college professors would have a heart attack if they knew that. In fact, I have written 107 ebooks in the past 13 years and when I get an idea for a new ebook, I can bang it out in a few weeks.

I stumbled around until I found the secret to a successful writing career.

Let me share another story with you that will give you a better picture of what has happened. My friend Tony was talking about writing an ebook, so he asked me to help him write it because he knew my experience would help him get his ebook done. He wanted to build up his Internet presence, drive more sales from his sites, and was sure an ebook would help him.

Like you, Tony wanted to make money selling an ebook, but he also wanted more recognition in his field. The added prestige of being an author means he will get more work, and he can raise his rates. So I told him to roll up his sleeves and we’d get to work. I laid out a 5 step plan of action for him. Each week I gave him a few simple tasks he could complete in a few hours. Nothing too difficult, simple, basic instructions.

But, I didn’t just tell him what to do, I showed him.

I shared my secret weapons.

I gave him specially created worksheets that yank the substance out of the gray matter. After five weeks of working two to six hours a week, Tony finished his ebook. After five weeks of working with Tony, I had an even better process of explaining my system for creating ebooks. Remember, this is what I do. I teach people how to do things in print. I am an “ebook publisher.”

Terry – I liked your course very much. This nuts & bolts, step by step, “how to do it” manual truly delivers on its promise. Even if you’re not a born writer, just follow the plan Terry lays out and you WILL create a marketable, profitable ebook.

Jim Erskine

Author of “Newspaper Publishing Profits”

Here’s the truth. Poor typing skills will not prevent you from writing your ebook. In fact, many authors can’t type correctly to save their lives. I only type about 15 words a minute and mispelle half of them. That doesn’t stop me from being an author and it won’t stop you either.

Even if you know how to type a hundred words a minute, you need help. What’s more, writing an ebook is not about typing speed or accuracy. It’s about having something to say and saying it so anyone can understand you.

However, you need more than something to say. You must understand your reader’s needs. You must KNOW what your readers want to learn and how to effectively convey the material. If you can talk to someone…you know how to explain things. You do this every day. When you give directions to lost travelers – – you are sharing your knowledge. When you tell the counterman at Starbucks exactly how you want your double latte, you are giving him information.

You can do this. You already know how.

You don’t need note cards and lists of sources to do this. If you can open your mouth, speak and make people understand. . . you’re most of the way there! The only missing piece is a system to collect the information and get it down in a logical format, so you know what to say and where to put it. . . AND it will materialize in a way that your readers can understand. In order to write a book, any book, all you need is a simple system to keep you on track. The system is your guide. It helps you navigate the obstacle course and write your ebook.

Listen, writing an ebook, (or any book using this system) is not hard. Think about it. . . the most difficult part of any project is breaking it down into pieces that are small enough to easily complete. That is exactly what I’ve learned and exactly what I want to show you.

I love how you’ve set the book up with easy to follow, step-by-step instructions. I think the real value is in the timeline you’ve provided.

Instead of just saying “Do A, do B, and then do C,” you’ve delivered an excellent blueprint that keeps readers from getting stuck or side tracked.

Anyone who wants to write an ebook but doesn’t know where to start needs your manual!

Rebecca Hagel

Author of “The Missing Link” and “The Beginner’s Guide to Marketing & Making Love!”

For example. . . to help you break down the tasks involved in writing your first ebook, you’ll use my easy to understand 5 Steps To Your First Ebook Worksheet worksheet. This worksheet takes you by the hand and guides you towards your goal. . . in 5 simple steps.

Simple is the key word here. . . you don’t need to struggle through some convoluted, complicated, academic exercise. . . just follow a simple easy to follow system that will help you get the information in your head organized, and into your computer.

Wow Terry, your ebook is excellent! I know a lot about web marketing, but I learned many new things in your course about writing and publishing an ebook. Lots of good information I never thought about. (wish I had!) I will sure apply it to my next ebook, and will also make some improvements to my current ebook as well 😉

Stephanie Hetu

Author of “Build Your Own Successful Business Website In 5 Easy, Down To Earth, Practical Steps Anyone Can Follow!”

It’s Not Your Fault You Haven’t Been Able To Write An Ebook!

Our heads have been filled with garbage, by years of know-nothings, teaching courses from outlines designed by committees of incompetent do-gooders. (That’s more of a personal rant than a clear sentence!) So, let me say it again in simple words. . .

“Everything you have been taught about writing is not about writing.”

Rather, what you have been taught- and probably not very well – is how to organize ideas. Chances are you were never told how to get the ideas into words.

Terry – What a great read!! Your simple conversational style is easy to follow and provides the reader with a simple program that guarantees success.

Practical and yet uncomplicated, your book is definite required reading for anyone seeking to create their first ebook.

Kevin Robb

Author of “eBusinessFormula Newsletter” and The Home Based Business Ideas Guide

It’s time for your real education to start.

Here’s what you will learn in “How To Quickly And Painlessly Write Your First Ebook”

How to make sure there are buyers for your book before you even begin

How to find out what your readers want to know.

How to get your knowledge organized so your readers can understand you.

How to decide how much explanation is needed and when it is too much. . .

. . . many ebook authors include a host of details that are worthless.

For example: You are reading this on the Internet, so you don’t need me to tell you how to turn on your computer or give you a history of the Internet. This is the BIGGEST hurdle faced by writers. Effectively communicating with their readers. This is so simple, yet most writers miss this.

Most writers teach what they know, not what the reader wants to learn. BIG MISTAKE. I will provide you with simple worksheets to discover what your readers want to know. This step by step course will not only help you write your e-book, it’ll also make sure you can sell your ebook.

Imagine. . . five weeks from now, working only a few hours a week, you will have writen your own ebook.

Here’s Exactly What You’ll learn:

How to choose a topic.

How to make sure there are buyers for your book.

How to find ready buyers for your book.

What tools you need to write and market you book. How to use them and where to get them cheaply or even free.

How to make sure your book covers material your readers want to learn.

How to layout your book so it makes sense. (It’s CRUCIAL to make the information in your book accessible to your readers. Many first time authors screw this up and end up with unreadable books).

How to get others to proofread your book for free.

How to find interesting anecdotes to make your book more interesting.

How to get others to write bonus articles and make money by including them in your book.

How to write a book even if you cannot type.

The best software program for converting your manuscript into an ebook and how to use it.

How to get the right friend or relative to help you on your book.

How to drill your topic or subject down.

How to find a topic.

How to convert actions into explanations.

How to find the right words to keep your readers attention.

How to find the right words to describe something.

Many eBook writers do not include navigation in their ebooks because they do not know how. You will learn how to AUTOMATICALLY include navigation in your ebook. Three minutes of work and you will have accurate navigation in your ebook.



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