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Aspinalls Hosts Largest-Ever Online Casino Malaysia Slots Jackpot

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Aspinalls – online casino – one of the world’s great casino names – makes history today with the launch of the largest online jackpot ever. The new SlotBuster machine at’s Caribbean Casino has a first prize of $500,000 – by far the largest non-progressive jackpot on the Internet.

Any player visiting Aspinalls Caribbean Casino can come away with the biggest jackpot slot win on the Internet. Offering five lines of prizes, any player hitting all of the jackpot symbols on the fifth line of SlotBuster, wins $500,000.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. The SlotBuster pays out 90% to players of all bets placed. Hitting all jackpot symbols on the fourth line wins $50,000, on the third line $40,000, on the second line $30,000 and a single line of jackpot symbols wins an amazing $20,000.

“At the Caribbean Casino, we like to see our players win big and we are proud of the fact that SlotBuster will offer the largest slot jackpot in the online casino industry,” commented Russell Foreman, Chief Executive Officer of Aspinalls Online Plc.

“We know how much our players enjoy slot machines and we are committed to ensuring that they enjoy the best games and jackpots available. What better way to prove this than by giving our members the chance to win the $500,000 jackpot?”

Recent research from Greenfield Online in conjunction with online casino revealed the most popular online gambling activity was playing slot machines. Of those surveyed, 17% claimed to play regular slots more than any other game.

Potential players simply need to log onto, download the Caribbean Casino and register for free membership at The software can be downloaded directly from the site or installed from a free CD-ROM, the process taking just a few minutes. Meanwhile, a $5 free spin on SlotBuster is available to all existing members of

To take advantage of the offer, existing Online Casino Malaysia members should log onto the Caribbean Casino, download SlotBuster and play – on leaving the casino, the member’s account will automatically credited with $5.

Global Gaming Summit Dates Announced

The River City Group – The River City Group, producers of the Global Interactive Gaming Summit & Expo, have announced that the 2002 event will be held May 13 – 15 at the Metro Toronto Convention Center.

The Interactive Gaming Summit has been the largest event for three years running for the interactive gaming industry, and will offer a greatly enhanced program, with seminar tracks covering nearly every aspect of the i-gaming industry.

The 2002 event is expected to draw at least 1500 delegates from around the world, and the expo will host over 100 companies that service the i-gaming industry. The expanded exhibit floor will host companies offering gaming software, hosting, transaction processing services, marketing services, affiliate marketing services, wireless gaming services, legal, casino management, technical services, security companies, and other support services for the industry.

Highlights from previous summits, including audio and materials archive are available online through the company’s web site.

Next year’s event is expected to grow substantially as the industry continues to mature, and more jurisdictions participate in the industry. At last year’s event, Nevada’s new legislation and upcoming foray into i-gaming was one of the hottest topics discussed. More than 30 delegates from South Africa was represented at the 2001 event, showing their deep interest to open up interactive gaming.

In July, the British Gambling Review Body introduced The Budd Report, which contains recommendations to legalize and regulate i-gaming in the U.K. The effect of the Budd Report was covered at The River City Group’s “Executive Series – Beyond the Budd Report”. Archives and audio from that event is also available online.

This month, the Canada West Foundation released a report entitled “Gambling@Home: Internet Gambling in Canada”, which, among many points, speculates on the possible future of Canadian Internet gambling. That report is available to subscribers of, the official publication for the Global Interactive Gaming Summit.

Interested parties can join The River City Group’s free mailing list for the most current updates. Companies interested in sponsoring or exhibiting at the Summit can get further information via e-mail by sending a request to, or by calling 636-946-0820.



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