Additional Diamond Painting Accessories to Complete Your Setup of Ravensburger puzzles

If you truly want to complete the ultimate diamond art painting studio, a craft table or easel is the perfect additional accessory. However, there are several features of a table or easel you should consider.


Angled and Height Adjustable–Choose a craft table which offers an angled position, sparing you from working hunched over which can create bad neck aches. In the same vein, make sure it is height adjustable as well.


Transparent Surface–Consider a glass craft table for your diamond art station. This way you can treat it as a giant light pad, shining a spotlight from beneath.


Storage Compartments–Storage compartments are a handy feature too! That way, you can store your beads and pens safely away should you have pets or small children who tend to put tiny objects in their mouths.


craft tables or easels graphic


At the very least, you should get yourself an easel or drawing board that tilts. Having a tiltable easel, again, can save you from poor posture and neck strain. The beauty of an adjustable drawing board is that you can place it on any existing table. If you prefer to work at the kitchen table, where there is lots of natural sunlight, an easel or drawing board offers a versatile, movable solution.


Ergonomic Chair

Besides having a proper table or workspace, also consider getting a comfortable, ergonomic chair. Sitting for long lengths of time can really do numbers on your posture, causing neck aches and even back aches. So do yourself a favor and get a chair that you can sit in for hours as you enjoy your diamond art.


Try out different chairs, but ultimately settle on one with an adjustable backrest that follows the shape of your spine. Also, make sure your feet rest on the floor or, if you prefer sitting higher, that they have a foot brace. While you’re not placing a diamond, make sure the armrests are close by so you can allow your shoulders to relax. In general, your chair’s arm height should be equal to your desk’s height.


Storage Compartments

diamond painting storage compartments

Ravensburger puzzles


Speaking of storage compartments, it’s helpful to find a way to keep your diamonds and gems neatly organized. This way, you can dive right in to it without having to spread everything out or clean up previous messes. Here are some storage solutions to keep your diamond painting hobby systemized and stress-free.



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